Jerri Locke

Shades of blue is an entertainment business by Jerri Locke. Jerri Locke is an amazing author, playwright and hip hop artist with a beautician background. She has taken all these skills and have infused them into magical novels, stage plays and music.
With a unique twist to a typical stage play, Ms. Locke wrote and performed her first play two years ago titled Is My Heaven Your Hell? Which was based on her first novel titled I’d Rather Go to Hell than the Heaven that you’re in! ┬áThis story is about a young girl named Zonita who felt doomed because of her misfortunes in life. This causes her to make bad choices and shut down any advice from people who appeared to her as those who think they already in Heaven.
In less than a year, She decided to make write a poetic play. Bitter Broken B’S was a hit. She used three women including herself to play each personality. The two other cast members were the Thirsty guy on the block and G the gentleman on his way to church. Each character delivered a mind blowing poem after their dialog.
Her most recent play Cougar Blues brought the audience to nonstop laughter as she herself played the star role of Oceana a lady in her 40’s going through a midlife crisis. This play touches on several relationship problems. Submissive Blues, I you Blues and Cougar Blues.